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If you need legal guidance in regard to filing a restraining order, or defending against an unwanted restraining order, you need a lawyer who will advocate for your best interests. You also need someone who is knowledgeable of the law and prepared to protect your rights.


At my firm, I am ready to represent you no matter what your situation may be. I am attorney Tracy Miller and my law firm serves individuals throughout the Southern California area, including Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County. My practice is dedicated to criminal law and family law, with a focus in representing clients in restraining order matters.


I have more than 20 years of experience, starting with my experience as a legal assistant and then as a licensed attorney in 2002. I previously worked as a prosecutor in the Domestic Violence Vertical Unit as a Felony Deputy District Attorney, and am ready to put my experience to work for you today. Call me at 949-429-8098 to schedule a consultation.


Criminal Protective Orders (CPO)

A criminal protective order can be issued if a person is arrested with a baseline criminal charge and is handled in criminal court. Whether you need to file a restraining order or want to challenge a restraining order, it is important to know how the issuance of a CPO may affect you. It can affect things such as child support and custody in the family law court systems, as it relates to domestic violence restraining orders. It is critical you work with an experienced attorney to develop a strategy in handling these types of orders. I am prepared to advocate for your best interests whether you want to challenge a CPO or request for modification of a CPO in criminal court.


Emergency Protective Orders (EPO)

Emergency protective orders may affect both a criminal law and a family law case, so it is imperative you seek legal counsel from an experienced lawyer to assist you with such orders. I represent those protected by such orders, as well as those restrained by an Emergency Protective Order. An Emergency Protective Order is a temporary order that may last five days or more, and may be replaced by other restraining orders such as a criminal protective order, domestic violence restraining order, or civil harassment restraining order. I can assist you with all of these matters.


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