Civil Harassment Restraining Orders


Stop Neighbor Harassment! – Client Testimonial

My family had an ongoing problem with a member of our neighborhood that would not stop. After finally taking law enforcement advice, we decided to try our best to obtain a Civil Harassment Restraining Order from court. We decided to reach out for professional and legal support in this specific matter. Looking into almost 15 attorneys at law, in Orange County California, all legal firms had distinguished experience in civil harassment restraining orders. However, we ultimately chose Domestic Violence Legal Center® founded by Former Prosecutor, Tracy C. Miller, Esq.  Our decision was based on her firm’s vast experience in this focused area of law. This experience along with Tracy’s strong, honest personality and courtroom skills proved our choice to be the right one for our family. We recommend Domestic Violence Legal Center®, with the highest regard.


Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

When faced with the reality of having to file or defend a restraining order, you likely have many different questions running through your mind. You want to know what your legal options are, how long the order will last, and how to make certain that your rights are protected. At my firm, I want you to know that I will advocate for you no matter what situation you may be facing.


My firm is the Domestic Violence Legal Center, and I represent people in Southern California in family law and criminal law matters, with a focus on restraining orders. From my offices in Newport Beach, I provide hands-on and assertive legal advice for individuals wanting to file a restraining order, as well as challenge a restraining order. I also represent individuals throughout Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County.


Newport Beach Lawyer for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

An individual can get a civil harassment restraining order if he or she is being stalked, harassed, sexually assaulted or threatened by a neighbor, or someone else with whom he or she does not have a familial relationship. This can be issued by the court for up to three years, where the alleged victim may request renewal of the order before the expiration. During the time the order is in place, a court may make orders prohibiting any contact by an alleged abuser with an alleged victim, which may include contact in the home or workplace.


As an experienced Newport Beach restraining order lawyer, I am prepared to advocate for your best interests no matter what side of the table you may be on, including:


  • For those who want to file: If you want to file a restraining order, it can help you in many ways. The courts can order that the alleged person does not talk to you, harass you, and also the court can order that the person does not carry a gun. I will assist you in preparing your customized CH-100 (Request for Orders to Stop Harassment).
  • For those who want to defend false allegations: I will work to build a strong defense on your behalf by making sure we have accurate witness statements, photos, e-mails, text messages and medical reports, if requested and necessary. In order to defend a request for civil harassment restraining order, you must file a CH-120 (Response to Request for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders). I will prepare your customized Answer to gain the best possible outcome in your case.


Why Choose Us?

I have seen all sides of domestic violence and civil harassment restraining orders, and have significant experience working in this area. Prior to opening my own firm, I worked as a prosecutor in the Domestic Violence Vertical Unit as a felony deputy. That experience gave me great exposure to how courts handle California restraining and protective orders. I now apply the knowledge I gained as a former domestic violence prosecutor to defend against damaging allegations, criminal charges or help clients find relief through restraining orders.


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